Lane & Lane Braunvieh

We have been breeding Braunvieh bulls and heifers using AI and Embryo transfer since 1987 to produce some of the best performing Braunvieh in the breed.


We are located in Southwest Missouri, Southern Polk County, two miles west of Highway 13. We purchased our first Braunvieh bull in 1987 at a Golden Link sale. We bred our commercial cows to this bull selecting some half blood heifers to keep. When we saw how well we liked the calves we started to purchase a few Braunvieh heifers to add to our herd and increase the percentage of Braunvieh blood in our herd at a faster rate than just in our breeding up program.


One of our foundation cows North Ridge Linda 10R, purchased at Bobby Smith's first Braunvieh sale, turned out to be a terrific producer. She was 9 years old when we purchased her and she continued to produce until she was 19 years old. ET bulls from the mating of Mr. Prime and North Ridge Linda 10R sired the Grand Champion (hotel/restaurant division) and Reserve Champion (retail meats division) carcass in the 1997 Fed Beef Contest in Denver, CO.


Another of our top cows is SSB Miss Kianna ET. Two flush mate heifers by Ural/Kianna were the Grand Champion heifers at the 2000 National Western Livestock Show: Denver, CO. for Keith & Keith Braunvieh.


We purchased our current herd sire JF Gage L103 in April 2002 and started breeding our cows and heifers to him. JF Gage has been an easy calving bull and has some really good calves. SEE CHAMPIONS Some of his daughters are now starting to calve.


LLB N52 Sept. 2003 heifer calf by JF Gage L103 x LLB H852ET was purchased and shown by Heather Raines. She has won the following:

Champion Senior FB/PB Heifer – 2004 JBAA National Show.

Grand Champion FB/PB Female - 2004 Missouri Braunvieh Classic.

Reserve Grand Champion Female – 2004 NAILE

Grand Champion Female – 2005 National Braunvieh Show, Denver, CO

Champion Senior Heifer Calf – Southwestern Expo. Fort Worth, TX

Grand Champion Braunvieh - 2005 Missouri Junior All Breeds Show

Grand Champion FB/PB Heifer – 2005 JBAA National Show
In five Braunvieh points shows in the 2004-2005 show season LLB N52 has accumulated more points in one show season than any other Braunvieh heifer since Bra
unvieh started keeping such records.


Other JF Gage heifers have also done well in the 2004-2005 show season with three in the top 10 for show heifer of the year. SEE CHAMPIONS


JF Gage finished the 2004-2005 show season in third place for Show Sire of the Year. Of the top four sires for Show Sire of the Year JF Gage is the only bull that is ALBINISM clean.
Our cow LLB H852ET was just recognized as the Braunvieh Show Dam of the Year 2005 (she is the dam of LLB N52).


Lane & Lane Braunvieh

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